islamap team members

 ~Now we are researching (reviewing in detail) in Japan~
Nadhila Dzikrina
From Indonesia
Hi everyone! I come from Indonesia and I've been living in Japan for 4 years. Yes, I do face some difficulties sometimes as a Muslim in Japan, like getting halal meals of course. but it doesn't mean I cannot overcome those problems, in fact I really like being here and challenge many things that I can only experience in this beautiful country. I hope you feel the same way too when you're staying in or visiting Japan for travel! That's actually the main reason why I'm joining Islamap, to contribute something in providing information that will be useful for Muslim in Japan. I want you to enjoy this country as well without worrying about getting foods that we, Muslim are allowed to eat. Please take a look at our service and make the most of your time in Japan!
Rana Seif El Din
From Egypt
The reason I come to Japan is to make the caption of Ghibli animes in the future, then I started to learn Japanese a few years ago.
MT Coffee
From Malaysia
I am a student of Chiba University and I've been living in Japan for almost 4 years. I came to learn not only engineering studies, but also to learn a bit of Japanese cultures as well. Japanese are very nice, most of them are open-minded, and like to help others. I am very fortunate to meet Tomoaki Sato, the creator of islamap apps for smartphones. He's going to help the Muslim like me making it easier for us to live in Japan. Hopefully, in the near future, Japan will become a Muslim-friendly country. Go go go Japan!
Dilmurod KhudayganovFrom Uzbekistan
Hi, I am Dilmurod Khudayberganov, came to Japan from Uzbekistan in August, 2012. At the moment I am studying for MBA degree at Waseda University. Islamap - is a really great job which helps Muslim people in Japan to find very important needs as mosques, halal shops and restaurants. As well as, that sort of attention and kindness of Japanese people to Muslims will be result for the attraction of more people from Muslim countries to Japan. I wish you good luck on this great job!
Encik Rizal RosilFrom Malaysia
Saleha ChohanFrom Pakistan
From Pakistan
From Pakistan
Rana Seif El Din
From Egypt